The Most Cost-Effective

Why AssetsManager?

Cost Effective

We provide a longer trial period for you to explore and a subscription with the lowest cost offered online.

Easy To Use

It has a user-friendly and intuitive environment which makes you comfortable and at ease.

Safe and Secured

Our system sustains a highly disruptive database keeping all your asset's information intact and private.







What We Do?

Centralized and Secured Asset Directory

We maintain a centralized asset manager system with a detailed database structure to ensure a private directory that securely analyzes and monitors your assets cooperatively.

Track Asset's Date of Purchase and Warranty

Our smart features allow you to set the number of days to get notified of your warranties before it expires and enables you to track your asset's dates of purchase. This way, you are updated of the market value of your assets.

Monitor Complete Asset Life Cycle

As you store every single asset, we take away your risks of forgetting its information. This means that we not only save but also display a record of all your modifications allowing you to track every update you made.

QR Code Generator for each Asset

You can't miss this bonus feature in your asset management tools. We generate a QR code in each of your IT assets (items) so you can print it out as a sticker. This allows you to leverage the efficiency of monitoring your items.

Save while you enjoy the experience.

  • Add as many assets as you want

  • Enjoy all the existing features

  • No billing information required

Here's what our users have been saying.

Get the benefit of being able to track and protect your properties in a system carefully built for the same and exact purpose in the lowest possible price. AssetsManager gives you comfort, complete security, and round-the-clock access and management. Monitor your assets while you chill.